A Letter From The General

A new Communist government has taken over and there has been persecution of Nuns and Priests throughout the province. A group of five Irish Nuns run a local Mission Station for orphaned children and their resident Priest, a German national, has been captured and tortured by the Communist regime. The Priest manages to escape and a group of soldiers are sent to the Mission because in case he makes his way back. The only way for everyone to escape is to convince the Captain of the soldiers to let him free. Can they manage it?


Written by Maurice McLoughlin
Directed by Geoff Iles


Sister Henry — Tasha Markham
Sister Lucy — Jane Priddles
Sister Bridget — Becky Shortman
Reverend Mother — Sharon Wood
Sister Magdalen — Josie Reed
Arthur Stilton — Robert Wood
Ruth Stilton — Karen Sheppard
Captain Lee — Neil Baker
Father Schiller — Tony Winstone

Production Team

Lighting and Sound — Tom Stone
Prompt — Jenny Newbolt
Costumes — Sharon Wood
Front of House — Anna Johnstone, Laura Sibley, Jasmine Sibley, Rhys Johnstone, Ben Johnstone
Refreshments — Jenny Fitzgerard, Jessica Reed
Box Office — Josie Reed
Promotion & Advertising — Karen Sheppard, Tom Stone