Cruising to Death!

An Original Woodland Players Production

Written by

Neil Baker

Directed by

Geoff Iles

Join us on the mess deck of the luxury cruise ship Atlantica. On the surface all is plain sailing and fun, but down below, passengers and crew alike are restless and disturbed. Tonight is Fancy Dress Party Night and with storm clouds brewing, someone is in for a rough passage when death comes on board.


Beau Sunn
Neil Baker

Captain Roderick Sighbird
Tony Winstone

Emma Barkation
Karen Limmer

Sian Tee
Emma Smith

Gail Force
Laura Hesketh

Mame Brace
Liz James

Cath Amaran
Karen Shappard

Dick Hand
Robert Wood

Granny Knott
Sharon Wood

Ann Kersaway
Becky Shortman

Penny Gwynn
Jenny Newbolt

Sam Onella
Richard Lunn


Sharon Wood

Lighting design and operation
Tom Stone

Sound design and operation
Tom Stone

Tasha Markham

Front of House
Jenny Fitzgerald
Laura Sibley
Jasmine Sibley

Karen Sheppard
Tom Stone