At the Sign of the Crippled Harlequin

A case of mistaken identity leads to tragedy in this engaging thriller. In a snowbound guest house in the Peak District, Marjory Pike is wrongly identified by another guest as the author of a book declaiming certain mediums, one of whom had committed suicide as a result. The son of the deceased medium is staying at the guest house, so when he arrives in the lounge bloodied and bruised, and Marjory is found dead, the finger of suspicion naturally points at him. But the guest house may be haunted, other guests have their own secrets, and even the proprietors are not above suspicion…


Written by Norman Robbins
Arranged with Samuel French Ltd


Marjory Pike — Josie Reed
Sally Lockwood — Karen Sheppard
Pamela Seton — Sharon Wood
Bryan Lockwood — Robert Wood
Joan Reece — Tasha Markham
Derek Tyndall — Neil Baker
Lionel Reece — Tony Winstone
Isobel Clarke — Laura O’Brien

Production Team

Directed by Josie Reed and Geoff Iles
Prompt — Wendy Barrington
Lighting — Tom Stone
Sound — Geoff Iles
Stage Crew — Rhys Johnstone and Stuart Robbins
Front of House — Laura Sibley and Robin Isles
Refreshments — Anna Johnstone, Jessica Reed, Anthony Hall and Gabby Hall