Murder at the BIFTAs

It’s the biggest West End event of the year! The British Industrial Film & Television Awards (the BIFTAs) is a star-studded evening that features the most famous stars, starlets and cameo role artistes from the world of film and T.V. There’s no telling what a actor or actress might do in order to get their hands on one! But this awards ceremony is an evening that some may wish to forget. Backstage there’s plenty of jealousy, greed, and backstabbing going on. Will Babs finally get an award or will her ex-husband beat her to it? Will Ned discover his next big star on the ‘casting couch’?


Written by Caradoc Fane


Polly Wallaby — Tasha Markham
Jocelyn Cod-Roe — Wendy Barrington
Ned Sherry — Neil Baker
Dennis Spanner — Robert Wood
Ulrika Erikson — Sharon Wood
Peter Balk — Richard Prior
Babs Sandringham — Karen Sheppard
Sir John Feel-Good — Tony Winstone
Marilyn Cod-Roe — Laura O’Brien

Production Team

Directed by Josie Reed
Lighting and Sound — Tom Stone
Stage Crew — Rhys Johnstone and Stuart Robbins
Front of House — Laura Sibley and Robin Isles
Refreshments — Anna Johnstone, Jessica Reed, Anthony Hall and Gabby Hall