Too Soon For Daisies

Meet Freda, Edie and Joy, three elderly ladies who are rebelling against a 1960’s world that has them locked up in an old people’s home. After escaping and taking to the sea, they find themselves in the village of Trotley, near Suffolk. An empty house is deserted and they ‘move in’, but it’s not long before a prospective buyer turns up – snowballing into a situation that requires quick thinking and an imaginative mind. These ladies are certainly not yet ready to be pushing up daisies!


Written by William Dinner and William Morum
Directed by Geoff Iles


Freda Grey — Sharon Wood
Joy Philpotts — Karen Sheppard
Edie Boggs — Josie Reed
Paul Vanderbloom — Craig Weaver
Dr John Hunter — Neil Baker
Jackie Jackson — Tasha Markham
Joe Pollop — Robert Wood
Sidney Collins — Rhys Johnstone
Policeman Dixon — Craig Weaver

Production Team

Lighting and Sound — Tom Stone
Prompt — Tony Winstone
Set Design — Geoff Isles and Neil Baker
Stage Manager — Robert Wood
Stage Crew — Rhys Johnstone
Front of House — Laura Sibley, Jasmine Sibley and Robin Iles
Refreshments — Jenny Fitzgerard and Anna Johnstone

    Note: This list shows all sounds downloaded to edit for this production – not all sounds may have been used in the final performance(s).

  • S: sea waves atmo.wav by monotraum | License: Creative Commons 0
  • S: waves and wind.mp3 by soundmary | License: Creative Commons 0