Move Over Mrs Markham

Set in Philip and Joanna Markham’s very elegant top floor London apartment, Philip is a straight-laced publisher of children’s books, and he shares an office with his partner, Henry Lodge, on the ground floor. Reluctantly, Philip agrees to let Henry borrow his apartment for the evening to “entertain” his latest girlfriend, as it’s largely empty due to ongoing renovations. At the same time, Joanna Markham is persuaded by Linda Lodge to let her borrow the apartment, so she can entertain her lover. What nobody knows is that the interior designer who had been decorating the apartment for the past three months has decided that this was the night he and the au pair girl would try out the new oval bed! When all three sets of people converge on the apartment, expecting to find it empty, chaos and confusion ensue.


Written by Ray Cooney and John Chapman
Directed by Geoff Iles


Alistair Spenlow — Robert Wood
Joanna Markham — Sharon Wood
Phillip Markham — Neil Baker
Linda Lodge — Karen Sheppard
Henry Lodge — Tony Winstone
Sylvie — Tasha Markham
Olive Harriet Smythe — Josie Reed
Walter Prangbourne — Geoff Iles
Felicity Jane Wilkinson — Tasha Markham

Production Team

Lighting and Sound — Tom Stone
Set Design — Geoff Isles and Neil Baker
Stage Manager — Robert Wood