V.E. Day Vengeance

In the gardens of Elpham Hall, Sodding Chipbury, Justin Fitztytly and his wife Betty plan to host a celebration concert to mark the end of the war. The unfavourable Lord sets things off to a poor start by upsetting his loyal workers, ending their employment or kicking them out of their rented accommodation. It’s not long before tensions snap and the once-friendly villagers are wondering which one of their friends is going to be found guilty of murder!


Written for the Woodland Players by Neil Baker


Gladys Over — Sharon Wood
Justin Fitztytly — Neil Baker
Betty Fitztytly — Karen Sheppard
Vic Tree — Tony Winstone
Shiela Blige — Tasha Markham
Dan Buster — Rob Wood
Mae Bedwell — Adele Godwin
Miss Marvel — Josie Reed

Production Team

Directed by Geoff Iles
Lighting and Sound — Tom Stone
Set Design — Geoff Isles
Stage Manager — Robert Wood

V.E. Day Vengeance: On Tour!

Performed at Saltford Primary School on Friday 25 September 2015

Performed at Hanham Church Hall on Saturday 26 September 2015

Cast change

Miss Marvel > Father Down — Geoff Iles